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Welcome to Byler Roofing Service LLC

We protect your investments with high-performance roofing systems that have been proven by weather and age. We also provide the ingenuity to address unique roofing problems with our years of experience and expertise.

We work hard to establish our reputation as a skilled and quality-driven commercial roofing contractor. This reputation is very important to us, as we represent our name and our name represents us. Take a look at our reviews to see if our client’s experiences have lived up to our goals.

We have several high-performance services to deliver to our client base. We have developed our skills with these products to give us a confident edge in our roofing performance. We are a dedicated team of workers with years of roofing under each member’s belt. 


We are a commercial roofing contractor operating out of Ebensburg, PA. We provide a crucial service to our community by giving business owners in our area peace of mind by securing their assets under their roof. This security gives businessmen and laborers the ability to stay afloat.

What Our Systems Do

Roof Reflectivity

At first, this may not seem like much. But this makes a big difference in your roof’s functionality and longevity. This reflective ability sends harmful heat waves back into the atmosphere, keeping your roof cool. This will drastically reduce stress cracks and leaks that lead to severe roof damage.

Roof Temperature

Keeping your roof temperature low, especially in the summer, is crucial to preserving your roof! This drastic temperature difference that you can see on the left clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of our white roofs. Such a temperature difference will reduce maintenance costs and will have a massive impact on your energy bill. Reducing the strain from your cooling systems will reduce your energy bill throughout the summer months. That’s right, a new roof from us will save you money in the long run both in roof maintenance costs and cooling costs!

Reflectivity Value

What is light reflective value? It is the measurement of the absorbing abilities of different colors. To explain this better, I will compare the reflective value of black and white. White is the absence of color, whereas black is the presence of every color. This means that white has a reflectivity value of 100% while black has a value of 0%. The emissivity value is based on the ability to emit infrared energy. This value starts at 0 (shiny mirror) and ends at 1.0 (black body). This chart on the right demonstrates just how effective our white roof systems are!

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